Trinity Women’s Lacrosse

I started playing lacrosse when I was a freshman in high school.  Most of my peers had been playing for years so when the opportunity to try out presented itself, I eagerly grabbed a stick and was hooked after the first practice.  This was a new love, a new challenge, it was freeing and joyful and I knew I could succeed at it.

Playing lacrosse at Trinity has allowed me to push myself physically and mentally.  The workouts are grueling, the practices are long, and the level of play is demanding, but I am grateful for every second.  In my team I have found a support system that makes it easy to laugh through times of exhaustion and smile through moments of frustration.

Being a college athlete is far from a walk in the park.  We study for exams under the dim overhead bus lights on the way home from away games.  We occasionally wake before the rest of campus to practice or lift at 7:00 AM. We carve out time to watch film or meet with coaches outside of our regular, daily two hour practices. We miss more parties than we are able to attend.  But, none of these sacrifices seems unbearable, even when its 25 degrees and snowing and practice is still on, because we are making them together as a team.

Being a part of the Trinity Women’s lacrosse program is an honor made more prestigious with every drop of sweat that hundreds of dedicated and determined athletes have left behind.  The hgwmzu8c1hv4jetxbistory of the program and the chance to reclaim a national championship is never far from our minds.  We play for a purpose greater than ourselves.

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