In high school, I took many classes in history and math. My favorite course was United States history. I loved learning about the different presidents, new laws and legislation, and all political changes that effected not only America, but the world. Now, I want to major in public policy. I also enjoyed statistics. It’s concrete, has real world applications, and came naturally to me. Since Trinity College does not offer statistics as a major or minor, I am considering making my concentration within the public policy major, economics. Additionally, I have taken many French classes in high school too and hope to study abroad in France to become fluent. I also hope to minor in French.

Educational Goals for Trinity College:

  • Complete at least 4.5 credits each semester
  • Become a TA
  • Maintain a high GPA
  • Pick a thesis
  • Take as many classes that interest me!

After Trinity, I would like to have a job where I can travel. Seeing the world and experiencing different cultures are some of my biggest dreams. I want to go to impoverished countries and work to bring their problems into the national spot light. I hope to help people who are sick or lack education and cannot speak for themselves. There is so much inequality in the world and I want to help solve this issue. Also, I hope to be in Washington D.C. I feel that if I am going to make a change in the world, I should be were the government is concentrated.