Domestic Violence and Freedom of Choice

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Jennifer Lopez is currently the Advocacy Program Director for Interval House, a domestic violence program in Hartford. Interval House, serving 24 towns from Andover to Avon for over 40 years, is Connecticut’s largest non-profit domestic violence intervention and prevention organization, providing comprehensive services from community education to crisis intervention. As the Advocacy Program Director, Jennifer is responsible for the oversight of Interval House’s systemic programs, such as the Family Violence Victim Advocate Program, (in Hartford, Manchester Criminal and Family Courts), The Lethality Assessment Program and Project: Hope Beyond Fear.

Jennifer has 32 years of experience in the field of domestic violence and is considered one of the state’s leading experts in all aspects of the issue including crisis intervention, counseling, legal issues, safety planning, case management, support groups, program development and education. Jennifer provides technical support and assistance to attorneys as well as health care providers in the community. She regularly conducts trainings and workshops to the community, service providers and law enforcement. She is certified as a Battered Women Counselor under C.G.S-52-146K, a member of Connecticut’s Coalition Against Domestic Violence and qualified as an Expert Witness in the field of domestic violence in the state of Connecticut.

Jennifer currently serves as a member of the DCF- Region IV-Regional Advisory Counsel, CCADV’s Legal Advocacy Project and CCADV’s Learning Community. Jennifer also serves as the facilitator of Hartford’s Criminal Court Docket Team. Jennifer has also participated in many other communities and stateside committees, most recently CCADV’s Statewide Dual Arrest and Law Enforcement Advisory. Jennifer’s breadth of experience encompasses dynamics of domestic violence, immigration, custody, criminal and family court process, cultural competency, domestic violence effects on the children and police response to domestic violence.

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