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The Move to Trinity’s New Campus

The original campus of Trinity College (known as Washington College until 1845) was on a fourteen-acre tract of land just outside of downtown Hartford. By the mid 1850s,…

Trinity College

Modern Art Styles

Abstract and innovative art of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Science & Invention

Discover stories of inventors that led to new treatments or new industries.

Women Artists

Women artists flourished in Connecticut in the mid-20th Century. Most prominent was Evelyn Beatrice Longman who has four works in Greater Hartford. She made the Spanish American War…


Famous men and women, scientists like Horace Wells, inventors like Samuel Colt, teachers like Edward Miner Gallaudet, and authors like Mark Twain all share a place in Connecticut….


See works that commemorate those who made sacrifices for the betterment of others.

Good for Kids

Find animals, allegorical creatures, mythological beings and river boat pilots!

Connecticut History

As one of the original thirteen colonies, Connecticut and the Capitol Region have a long, important and varied history. The State Capitol Building has a sculptural program that…

Civil War

The American Civil War changed the nation forever. In the decades immediately after the wars end in 1865, civic authorities in the victorious north created many monuments to…

US History

Connecticut monuments reflect the many episodes in U.S.History that have marked our evolution. Test your knowledge!

Colonial Subjects

See the stories of founding of Hartford or the hiding of Connecticut’s Charter in an oak tree as interpreted in sculpture.

American Revolution

See reminders of the Patriots and Heroes who secured American Independence.