Close to Launch—Here is What You Need to Know

Close to Launch—Here is What You Need to Know

It’s been about nine months since we began the process of redesigning the college’s website. On Tuesday, August 28, if our testing and results continue as planned, the new website will go live.

Here is what you can expect to experience when we go live:

  • will continue to be our site’s domain
  • The homepage and key areas of the site will be in a new design
  • The old SharePoint site will still be part of the user experience—we’re splitting the content between two versions of the site while retaining a single
  • We hope you will encounter no flaws as you are looking for information on the site, but if you do, you can contact us. We want to know about any problems or questions.

One site, Two Designs

As we outlined earlier in the project, we are embarking on a phased approach to migrating content into the new website. This is a strategic decision to give our team the ability to work with site owners to address each site using care and attention to create successful content.

The college’s homepage and a targeted list of sites and pages (see below) will be in the new design. Content not yet migrated into the new site will remain in SharePoint as we work with site owners to move it into WordPress during the coming academic year.

  • A note for content editors: This does not mean content editors will be responsible for maintaining two sites. Either a site will be in WordPress or it will be in SharePoint, but not both. Training for site editing and maintenance will be part of the process to import content into WordPress.

It is the intent for users to move seamlessly between the two sites—it will all behave as one However, there will be an obvious difference in design depending on whether they are looking at content in the new site or in SharePoint. As content is migrated from SharePoint into WordPress, we will reduce the instances of users seeing two different designs.

The areas and sites that are being migrated from the SharePoint site at launch are:

  • The homepage
  • About Trinity (and all its sections)
  • Visit Trinity
  • Admissions (and all its sections)
  • Financial Aid (landing page)
  • Academics (landing page)
  • Student Life (landing page)
  • 1-2 academic department sites
  • Study Away (landing page)
  • Career Development (and all its sections)
  • Communications Office
  • Office of the President
  • College Leadership (now called Leadership and Governance)
  • News
  • Events
  • Faculty & Staff gateway page
  • Current students gateway page

We have added significant amounts of new content that didn’t previously exist, including a searchable academic programs menu and stories about people, places, and pride—all available on the homepage—and a Career and Student Success landing page.

Questions, Concerns, Problems: Email Us!

We understand that a new website is a big change. It will take time to get to know the new design and navigation environment. If you have any questions about the launch, your site’s content, things you’re experiencing when you use the new website, or if you encounter problems with the site (bugs, broken links, photo or text issues…anything, really!) please let us know! Email us, because we want to hear from you. We want to know about your experience, and we want to improve anything that isn’t working.

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