Introducing Trinity’s Communications Advisory Group

Introducing Trinity’s Communications Advisory Group

In late August we mentioned that we would be creating a multi-constituency Communications Advisory Group to help improve internal communications at the college. We’re pleased to announce this year’s members, and we’re grateful for the experience and perspective that each member brings to the group.

2018–19 Members

Angela Paik Schaeffer (chair)
Vice President for Communications and Marketing

Donna Ciarfella
Associate Director of Human Resources

Erica Crowley
Communications and Data Assistant, CHER

Anita Davis
Vice President for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Stephen Donovan
Director of Alumni Relations

Chuck Fedolfi
Director of Development

Megan Fitzsimmons
Director of College Events and Conferences

Jody Goodman
Assistant Dean of Students

Marcia Phelan Johnson
Budget Director and Interim Director of Human Resources

Jason B. Jones
Director of Educational Technology and Interim Director of Research Services

Martine Kunzika
Assistant to the Deans of Faculty and Academic Affairs

Karolina Kwiecinska ’16
Special Assistant to the Vice President for External Relations

Kristina Miele ’19
President, SGA

Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre
Associate Professor of History
Faculty Secretary

Teresita Romero
Program Coordinator for Graduate Studies and Lifelong Learning

Kyle Smith ’05
Associate Director of Admissions

Joelle Thomas
User Engagement Librarian

Abigail Fisher Williamson
Associate Professor of Political Science and Public Policy and Law
Chair, Faculty Committee on Institutional Advancement

Lexi Zanger ’19
Vice President and Acting Communications Chair, SGA

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