anteriorly –  towards the front (head end) of an animal’s body

avian – pertaining to birds and their biology

bipedal – walking on two hind limbs

canid – a member of the mammailian family Canidae (the dogs, wolves, foxes, and their relatives)

carnivore – an animal with a diet consisting primarily of tissues of other animals; a member of the mammalian order Carnivora, a group which is largely carnivorous

congeners – members of the same genus

conspecifics –  members of the same species

diurnal –  active during the daytime (the opposite of nocturnal)

dorsal – pertaining to the back (upper) side of an animal

fauna – the assemblage of the various animal species in a given area

felid –  a member of the mammailian family Felidae  (the cats)

grayscale – a range of gray shades from white to black, resulting in a monochrome image

hair tube –  a cylinder through which a small mammal crawls, brushing against a section of exposed adhesive tape that collects a sample of hair for diagnosis

marsupial –  a member of a group of mammals that give birth to relatively undeveloped offspring that further develop while nursing in a pouch (the marsupium)

nape –  the back of the neck

patagial – pertaining to the patagium, the area on the leading edge of a bird’s wing between its wrist and body

pelage – the hairy coat of a mammal

posterior – pertaining to the rear end of an animal

rump – the posterior end

taxonomic – pertaining to the classification of organisms