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Welcome!  My name is Christina Raiti and I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Educational Studies at Trinity College. I have participated in a one semester thesis project centered around the method of inclusion for children with autism. I have volunteered in a number of schools throughout my years at Trinity, which has given me the opportunity to learn about the Hartford community and will allow me to be successful in my first endeavor as a substitute teacher at Long Island Lutheran Middle/High School and Lu-Day PreSchool next school year.

In addition to the skills and knowledge obtained in the classroom, my passion for basketball has greatly shaped by college experience. I am a two-year captain of the Women’s Basketball team and it has taught me to manage my schoolwork, while dedicating over 50 hours a week to this sport. As a varsity athlete, I also gained skills in teamwork, leadership, and hard work. Playing a varsity sport has enabled me to utilize my interpersonal skills as I must cooperate with and manage teammates of various backgrounds to help achieve one common goal. Next year, in addition to substituting, I will be the new assistant varsity basketball coach at Long Island Lutheran, a program ranked third in the tri-state area.