Charles A. Dana Professor of Biology - Trinity College, Hartford, CT

Two species of Vaucheria new for New England, V. lii and V. racemosa

C.W. SCHNEIDER and C.E. LANE (2000b)

Northeastern Naturalist 7: 25-32


Two species of the genus Vaucheria, V. lii and V. racemosa, are reported from Connecticut and New England for the first time. Despite sampling over 150 freshwater habitats in Connecticut, each species has been located at only a single site. Culture conditions in the laboratory stimulated growth and, after extended periods of time, the production of gametangia allowing for the identification of each species. Despite its worldwide distribution, V. lii is shown to be a rarely collected species throughout its range.

Key words: Connecticut algae, New England algae, Vaucheria lii, Vaucheria racemosa