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Welcome to the Connecticut Zoning Initiative, a website with data on residential land-use regulations for municipalities across the state. This page includes a scrollable “card view” listing data for each town, a link to a full spreadsheet with data for all towns in Connecticut, a link to the definitions used for this project, a place to provide comments, and several maps illustrating the potential power of the data.

The goal of this collaborative effort between the Connecticut Fair Housing Center and the Cities Suburbs & Schools Project at Trinity College is to promote smart, fair and effective land-use policy by collecting and presenting accurate town-by-town zoning data. Information is current as of May 2013, unless otherwise stated, and based on definitions as described below.

If you have any questions, post a comment below or email Melvin Kelley, Connecticut Fair Housing Center Staff Attorney at

Map 1: Percent of Total Zones Per Town Allowing Multifamily Housing
Click on any town for zoning summary & link to regulations

Card view: Scroll through more detailed zoning data below, or search by town name (use ctrl-F or command-F), or open the full spreadsheet in a new tab/window.

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Definitions: Scroll through definitions below, or open in a new tab/window.

Map 2: Percent of Housing Stock Considered Affordable, 8-30g (2011) shows the percentage of housing stock in each town meeting Connecticut’s statutory definition of affordable housing, according to General Statute 8-30g, which includes government assisted units, tenant rental assistance, CHFA/USDA mortgages, and deed restricted units. (Click on any town for more details.)

Map 3: Multifamily Housing Permitted shows whether a town’s zoning regulations allow multifamily housing of three or more units, and if so, whether the zoning regulations require a special permit or if they allow multifamily housing by right. (Click on any town for more details.)

Archived comments on the beta preview version (December 2012-January 2013)