“Majoring in a Professor”

Ever wondered what it takes to create a motivated college student? You may have read this Inside Higher Ed piece last month when Maurice Wade posted it to the faculty listserv. Or you might remember reading this Chronicle of Higher Ed article last year. The researcher featured in both, Hamilton College’s Daniel Chambliss, is the author of the forthcoming book, How College Works, and we are very excited to announce that he will be the CTL’s fall keynote speaker, delivering two talks on Thursday, September 26:

• a Common Hour lecture in the Washington Room: “How College Works:  What Matters Most for Students in Liberal Arts Institutions”

• at 4:15 in Gallows Hill, a talk specifically focused on the first-year experience: “Making and Taking Opportunities in the First Year of College”

We hope you can join us to hear Prof. Chambliss’s insights on what makes students motivated to get the most out of a liberal-arts education.

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