When I arrived at Trinity, I had no major in mind. My initial thought of studying political science was quickly replaced after a fantastic Principles of Economics course with Christopher Hoag. After a few more economics courses, I decided to pursue it as my focal major. Since that decision, I considered a second major in political science then history before finally deciding on international studies. While most of my course load is concentrated in economics and international studies, I have taken courses in formal organizations and Hispanic studies that may result in minors.

I quickly found a job last year at Peter B’s Espresso Bar where I am a part time barista. When I am not studying or working my 10-hour weekly shifts, I play squash and golf in my free time. I feel like having some workout during the day gives me the energy to excel in my academics. Outside of my job and athletics, I am part of the investment club and the outdoors club, where weekend excursions include hiking, skiing and ice climbing. All of these extra curricular activities are possible because I made the close decision not to take part in Greek life. While I sometimes regret that choice, the free time has opened up many parts of trinity that I have since taken advantage of.

I would like to use my economics and international studies degrees to pursue something in the realm of international business. I took a gap year in the South of France, and lived in rural Nicaragua for a summer. Traveling is something I enjoy, and understanding different economies and markets around the world is something I would like to hone in on in a job. Prioritizing creativity over income, I would like to have some form of employment where I would be happy for 60+ years.