Interning in Australia

The summer going into freshman year of college was the first summer in five years I wasn’t flying around the country between lacrosse camps and tournaments. I reached out to family friends in Australia, interviewed for the collaborating companies Hydralyte and Cobram Estate, and immediately had myself an internship and temporary home for five weeks in Melbourne, Australia.

This was my first work experience ever, and was stationed with the marketing team of the two companies. Hydralyte is an oral rehydration company while Cobram Estate is an Australian olive oil company. I worked in an office with 8am-5pm days.

I did an assortment of tasks in the following areas of office duties; event management, marketing tasks including social media and public relations, a research project, graphic design, and financial/budget tasks.

Event management included setting up a major health conference, managing all the event databases, and creating visual powerpoint presentations for reporting purposes. I managed the Facebook and Instagram pages of both companies. I sourced gift packaging for the future press release, and assembled future press release gift boxes with sample olive oils. My research project was on flavored juices in the US and Canada aimed to help Hydralyte sell their Apple Blackcurrant flavored drink in Canada.

press release gift boxes
health conference set up


By doing whatever task was needed, I got to experience many aspects of the marketing business. Everything in those five weeks was brand new to me. I jumped in feet first, and landed on my feet. Not only did I leave Australia with the trip of a lifetime under my belt, I left as an ‘United States Ambassador’ of Hydralyte, and I found my passion for marketing. Hydralyte is currently launching in the US, and I will be helping out at a handful of conferences in the coming months.