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Join the DUNDi cloud, call Europe!

Do you have an Asterisk box and an underutilized T1? Or do you have a large number of DID numbers on your PBX? Why not join a DUNDi cloud and trade access to your numbers or to your local calling … Continue reading

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My VoIP network

I run a VoIP network for my friends and family. There are phones at about 10 locations. Four of the locations have Asterisk servers. Three of the Asterisk servers are run in a redundant configuration. SIP query DNS to get … Continue reading

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Inexpensive home Asterisk server

I have a new Asterisk server at home. It is a Contec IPC-BX/M600(PCW). This is a wall-mount PC. It is about a foot square and about two inches thick. There is no power brick. The power cord plugs directly into … Continue reading

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Yet another VoIP blog

There is already no shortage of IP telephony blogs. Many of them are valuable and interesting. Many of them are written from the standpoint of a observer watching the facinating new devices and services which appear on the market. My … Continue reading

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