“Color of Law” with Hartford partners, students at Trinity

Richard Rothstein, author of The Color of Law, spoke about “the forgotten history of how our government segregated America” with a packed audience in the Washington Room at Mather Student Center on September 12, 2017.

Over 300 students, faculty, and community partners attended the “The Color of Law” book discussion with author Richard Rothstein at Trinity.

This public event brought together a broad audience: Hartford community partners, history classes from the Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy, and students, staff, and faculty from Trinity College.

HMTCA teacher Melissa Cavanaugh (Trinity IDP ’11) brought her US history students.

Professor Jack Dougherty introduced the speaker and presented a visual vocabulary of segregated housing barriers. Erin Boggs from the Open Communities Alliance, a statewide fair housing advocacy group, unveiled their new report, Out of Balance: Subsidized Housing, Segregation, and Opportunity in Connecticut. Professor Davarian Baldwin provided commentary and moderated the audience discussion with the author. This event was co-organized by the Open Communities Alliance and the Educational Studies Program at Trinity, and co-sponsored by Urban Education Initiatives, the Center for Urban and Global Studies, Multicultural Affairs, Political Science, Public Policy & Law, Sociology, and Prof. Davarian Baldwin at Trinity.

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