Meet Ed Studies external reviewers

To all students enrolled in Ed Studies courses:

Come meet with our external reviewers, Professor Grace Kao from Yale University and Professor Lucy Mule from Smith College, in this once-a-decade opportunity to share your feedback about the Educational Studies Program with outside evaluators.

Grace Kao
Lucy Mule





In response to your feedback, we now have TWO student-only sessions on Monday February 5th 2018:

4-4:30pm in McCook 201 conference room
Facilitator: Jennifer Martin ’18


6-6:30pm in Seabury Hall S205 (the classroom where Educ 300 meets at 6:30pm)
Facilitators: Nicole George ‘18 and Julia Burdulis ‘21

Questions to discuss:

  • What’s working with the Ed Studies Program?
  • What aspects could be improved?
  • Your reactions to recommendations in Part 9 of the Ed Studies self-assessment report?

See also the full schedule for this two-day external review.

Updated: Read the Feb 13th 2018 External Reviewer Report by Professors Kao and Mule

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