A.C.E.S Involvement

At Trinity, I am involved in a club called A.C.E.S. (Annual Community Events Staff). The purpose of the club is to aid members in the Hartford community and raise awareness for the poverty present throughout this city. Every year, the club has about seven major events that we organize and partake in. One of my favorites is Halloween on Vernon Street. Here, we use the Trinity campus and allow members of the community to participate in trick-or-treating as well as various games. Buildings on Vernon Street open up their doors and provide families with candy as well as face painting, coloring books, a haunted house, and many other activities.

Because the size of the event is so large, A.C.E.S. really involves the Trinity community. Many students, sports teams, and fraternities and sororities are involved at the event, making sure there are enough volunteers and that everyone is having fun. I find this to be a really great aspect of the event and make it even more meaningful for the members participating.

I was able to help out by designing two different shirts for every volunteer and member of A.C.E.S to wear throughout the event. This task was difficult and required me to use skills that I had gained previously. I made many different drafts and finally created the two perfect shirts. Not only did I have to design a shirt but also I had to coordinate with the head of the club as well as the club members. It was very important that everyone’s input was heard.

I felt as though this task, while it sounds quite simple, really allowed me to utilize and practice people-skills that I will use later on in life when I have a full-time occupation.