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Writer for Her Campus

Ever since I was in middle school, I have loved writing. I feel as though it is such a great way to release tension or describe how you are feeling. I have always kept a journal and enjoyed writing down my thoughts or feelings. In high school, I was greatly involved in my schools yearbook… Continue Reading

Summer Internship 2014

Throughout Summer 2014, I held an internship at The Creative Kitchen. Here, I enhanced many skills and grew tremendously as an individual. Specifically, I created both hard and online marketing materials some of which included a brochure, a splash page for their website, press releases, and more. Not only did I learn the essentials rules… Continue Reading

Analyzing Schools: Classroom Experience

I have been very fortunate in that I have taken a wide variety of classes during my time at Trinity. One class that I took was Analyzing Schools. In this course, I visited an elementary school for three hours each week, specifically a Kindergarten classroom, where I observed, interacted, and taught students in the Hartford… Continue Reading