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Writer for Her Campus

Ever since I was in middle school, I have loved writing. I feel as though it is such a great way to release tension or describe how you are feeling. I have always kept a journal and enjoyed writing down my thoughts or feelings. In high school, I was greatly involved in my schools yearbook… Continue Reading

A.C.E.S Involvement

At Trinity, I am involved in a club called A.C.E.S. (Annual Community Events Staff). The purpose of the club is to aid members in the Hartford community and raise awareness for the poverty present throughout this city. Every year, the club has about seven major events that we organize and partake in. One of my… Continue Reading

Tour Guide for Trinity College Admissions Office

Being a tour guide at Trinity College has been an extremely rewarding experience, in more ways then one. Throughout middle school and high school, I had always hoped to be an ambassador for my school but never mustered up the courage to apply for the position. During high school, when I was touring the country… Continue Reading