Summer Internship 2014

Throughout Summer 2014, I held an internship at The Creative Kitchen. Here, I enhanced many skills and grew tremendously as an individual. Specifically, I created both hard and online marketing materials some of which included a brochure, a splash page for their website, press releases, and more. Not only did I learn the essentials rules of marketing, I was also able to refresh myself on Adobe InDesign and gain practice in design, something in which I am interested in pursuing.

Additionally, I researched and applied for multiple grants. I was responsible for finding grants relevant to The Creative Kitchen’s mission and line of work, inquiring about the logistics of the donation, and preparing an application. It was essential that I learned exactly what The Creative Kitchen strived to embody so that I could find a grant best suited.

Lastly, and most importantly to me, I edited a published curricula. To me, this task was the most meaningful because I thoroughly enjoyed this project, opening up the possibility of a career path. I was treated as a full-time employee and entrusted to meticulously read over every word, page. The curricula served as a teaching manual to enable educators and individuals the ability to teach kids core disciplines through cooking. This made the format of the book complex and I not only had to edit standard paragraphs but also recipes, picture tutorials, and flashcards. This was all extremely tedious, as everything needed to be exact and perfect, especially because food was involved.

All of these accomplishments that I have just listed required me to work with other people in the office and related personal. I gained communication skills and learned how to write in a concise manner. This was extremely beneficial to me because I often compose lengthy essays and this experience forced me to drop this habit. This was also my first real occupation in an office, allowing me to gain professional insight for future jobs.

While not all of the skills I learned throughout the summer are measurable, I know that I have thoroughly grown as an individual, student, and future job seeker.