Writer for Her Campus

Ever since I was in middle school, I have loved writing. I feel as though it is such a great way to release tension or describe how you are feeling. I have always kept a journal and enjoyed writing down my thoughts or feelings. In high school, I was greatly involved in my schools yearbook and therefore could not write for our school newspaper. When I got to Trinity, I didn’t want to spread myself too thin but I wanted to write for something. I decided to apply for Her Campus.

Although I do enjoy it, I have never been very open with my writing. The idea of publishing something and it not being well-received scares me a little bit. I was nervous to join Her Campus because I know that many students at Trinity read this site, as well as other college students. I decided that I would challenge myself and write articles for this medium. At first, I was really nervous. However, as I began to write and publish my articles it became a lot easier.