Teaching Samples

Long Walk fall

In the spring of 2016 my peers Elaina Rollins ’16 and Christina Raiti ’16, with assistance from our advisor Jack Dougherty, designed an Educational Studies independent study course at Trinity College.  Because Elaina, Christina, and I were all interested in becoming elementary school teachers, through this course we sought to develop skills that would aid us during our first years of teaching.  As a team we discussed various pedagogies, curriculum design, and teaching strategies.  Elaina, Christina, and I partnered with a local Hartford elementary school where we were invited to guest-teach two self-designed lessons.   Our  lesson plan content objectives were designed in coordination with the needs of the teachers at the partnership school and Common Core State Standards.  Each teach-in was video recorded, and the products can be seen in my sample teaching lessons “Let’s Be Frogologists” and “Design Your Own Dream House.”