Environmental consultant Scott Soricelli visits ENVS for common hour lunch presentation

Scott Soricelli talks about environmental consulting

Guest Blogger – Jonathan Gourley

Scott Soricelli, a geologist from the environmental consulting firm Woodard and Curran gave a presentation to ENVS students in the geology lab over the common hour period about working in the environmental consulting business.   Lured to the event by fresh First & Last pizza, and perhaps the prospect of a future career, fifteen students were engaged in a prolonged question and answer period.  They asked Scott excellent questions on what skills one needed to enter the field at the entry level and what types of projects they’d be expected to work on.  Scott focused on technical writing to be the primary skill a new hire should have.  He also mentioned other requirements such as the willingness to work outside for at least the first few years, the ability to communicate effectively with team members, and mapping skills such proficiency with ArcGIS.  He also suggested that the ability to conduct a research project from beginning to end (e.g. a senior thesis or multi-semester project) was an excellent feather in one’s cap, considering the competitive nature of the job market.  While graduate school is a plus for the environmental field, Scott said that his firm hires people right out of college as well.

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