ENVS 149 Class Samples the Mt Hope River for Macroinvertebrates

by guest blogger Jonathan Gourley

Last week’s intro lab featured aquatic insect collection at the Mt. Hope River, a rite of passage for all ENVS students.  We were lucky with great weather for both Tuesday and Thursday and river conditions were ideal for collecting bugs.  Patrick “Hoagie” Hoagland perfected the kick net technique now known as the Hoagie Shuffle.

Sarah and Lauren in the Mt.Hope river

Thursday’s section was especially into taking photographs.  Sarah Black and Lauren Tierney demonstrated the usefulness of chest waders because who knows when you will step into a deep hole!  As usual, several students learned the hard way and borrowed old rubber hip waders from the ENVS stock…holes and wet socks were inevitable!  Both sections collected excellent sample populations and fun was had by all.

The Thursday lab section of ENVS 149 class in the Mt. Hope river - prepared to do serious work...

... yeah sure.

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