New ENVS Laboratory Space is Taking Shape

the new ENVS lab space

The latest addition to the ENVS research space is taking shape. ENVS took over an old photo lab from Ann Lehman and, over the past weeks, it has been converted from a darkroom into a bright work space. The lab will be available as dedicated research space to our postdoctoral fellow. That means the postdoc doesn’t have to fend off intruders from his or her two square feet of bench space in McCook 119, and Prof. Geiss can make his usual mess again when subsampling sediment cores.

The lab has been painted and sports new lighting (really bright 6500K lamps). One side of the room is taken up by a gigantic stainless steel sink, the other side offers counter space. We plan on installing a second counter top and some shelving, but will wait with these upgrades until Cameron Douglass, our new postdoc arrives on campus.

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