ENVS 350 returns from Utah


Yep that describes it pretty well. From blown van tires, death marches in the blazing hot sand, spiders with eyes the size of your head, impressive vistas from the shower stalls of the Grand Canyon, to amazing food served by chefs Jon and Christoph: this year’s trip had it all.
The ENVS 350 class spent 10 days in Zion and Bryce, tried to buy food in Tropic, UT (Christoph cornered the market on hamburger), learned all “about my country” (Venezuela), drove way too few gravel roads,¬† froze their butts off at 8500 feet, camped out in the Escalante Grand Staircase, failed to reach Sam Pollock’s Arch, and finally experienced the breathtaking vistas of the North Rim. More pictures¬† will follow once I get them all processed.

Our last campfire in Valley of the Fire State Park

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