Choose better, choose sustainable!

by guest blogger Vanja Babunski (’18)

electric car charging station on campusThese days we are surrounded by news of global environmental issues, from climate change to concerns about pollution and tropical storms. More and more students around the world are becoming involved in these issues because we see the impacts. Trinity students are no different, and we are tackling these global issues on the smaller scale of our campus. Trinity College supports a spectrum of activities and organizations for students interested in sustainability. Student-run organizations like Green Campus are cornerstones for sustainable practices across campus, including recycling and composting through numerous activities. One of the largest projects this organization is taking on is composting in the largest dining hall on campus, Mather. This group of very enthusiastic students has an ultimate goal to show that sustainability and conservation activities are fun, and as beneficial for Trinity’s environment and students. Students from Green Campus and from the first-year seminar on Cycling, Sustainability, and Hartford – led by enthusiastic professors – are forming a campus-wide Sustainability Committee this semester. Everyone interested in sustainable activities is welcomed to join, regardless of major or position. Let’s spread Green Trin spirit!

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