Teaching Samples

During the spring of 2016 at Trinity College, I participated in a self-designed independent study focused on curriculum design and teaching strategies along with two other educational studies seniors, Christina Raiti and Emily Meehan. With help from our advisor, Jack Dougherty, and a local Hartford elementary school, Christina, Emily, and I designed and guest-taught two lessons over the course of the semester.

Use the drop-down navigation menu on the left of your screen to view select video clips of me teaching a third grade class, overviews of each lesson plan, and my reflections on the process.

“Lets Be Frogologists” is a English Language Arts lesson with a science-based content focus on animal adaptations. “Design Your Dream House” is a math lesson which uses architecture and home design concepts to teach students about the additive properties of area. Both lessons are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.