Harlem Renaissance ushered in new era of black pride
USA Today
The prospect of jobs added to the allure of Harlem and other areas of the industrialized North, but people also were motivated to migrate by Jim Crow laws and other racial oppression in the South, says Davarian Baldwin, the Raether Distinguished Professor of American Studies at Connecticut’s Trinity College.

Legal Battle Possible Over Unconventional Family In City Mansion
Hartford Courant
Trinity College associate professor Jack Dougherty compared the current regulations to class-based exclusionary zoning, which is legal but “problematic,” he said at Tuesday’s public hearing.

Campus Anti-Semitism
Inside Higher Ed
The report, based on the National Demographic Survey of American Jewish Students, was published jointly by Trinity College in Connecticut and the Brandeis Center.

Ask A Historian: How To Drink Like You Lived In Downton Abbey
To solve this puzzle, we sought out Jennifer Regan-Lefebvre, a professor of history at Trinity College in Connecticut who specializes not only in British history during the time of the show – she actually teaches a class on Downton – but also in the history of drinks during the time period.

Francisco Goldman’s ‘The Interior Circuit: A Mexico City Chronicle’
The Boston Globe
Born in Boston, Goldman teaches one semester a year at Hartford’s Trinity College but now considers Mexico City, where he lives most of the time, his home.

A Scene Inscrutable and Exquisite
Mary Tompkins Lewis, The Wall Street Journal
Edouard Manet’s “The Railway,” a magisterial canvas of 1873 that announces the painter’s mature career, thrusts us into the heart of the new Paris that had been envisioned at midcentury by Napoleon III and realized by his prefect, Baron Haussmann.