A U.S. Hunter Paid $110,000 To Shoot A Pakistani Goat


An American hunter paid $110,000 to shoot and kill a goat in Pakistan. And not just any goat. It’s the impressively horned markhor, the national animal of Pakistan, which can stand 4 feet tall and weigh up to 300 pounds. … Some Pakistanis were furious about the shooting. But Shafqat Hussain, an anthropology professor at Trinity College and a National Geographic emerging explorer, has a different perspective. From 1993 to 1999 he worked for the trophy hunting program that issues permits to 12 people a year to hunt a markhor. He explained to NPR why he believes this enterprise benefits both the species and the local population — although he does admit there are potential pitfalls…


Bristol promotes treatment, not arrests, for opioid addicts

Hartford Courant

At a forum Friday focused on combating the opioid epidemic, Tunxis Community College student Kristen Cormier said the trend toward steering addicts to treatment shouldn’t keep police from arresting them. … Adrienne Fulco, director of legal and policy studies at Trinity College, commended Bristol for emphasizing treatment, creating a wide-ranging task force, and drawing in help from social service organizations and local mental health agencies.

“Bristol is a model for what we should be doing,” Fulco said, adding that the state and federal governments need to take on more of the responsibility for a nationwide epidemic. “There has to be support and resources, people have to pay attention,” Fulco said…


Trinity College launches dual sculpture exhibit

West Hartford News

Widener Gallery, Austin Arts Center, Trinity College, 300 Summit St., Hartford, will open its 2019 season with Metheny + Brayton, an exhibition of sculpture by Jacque Metheny, who teaches sculpture at Trinity College, and William Brayton, a professor of art at Hampshire College. This exhibition is the first two-person show for these artists, although it marks the third time they have participated in the same shows. Both artists exhibit their work at national venues. The Widener exhibit opening will feature a gallery talk by the artists, followed by a reception on Thursday, Feb. 7, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. This event is free and open to the public…


SAiDTalks: Professor and Hip-Hop Scholar Seth Markle Talks Tanzania’s Hip-Hop Scene and Organizing One of the World’s Top International Hip-Hop Festivals

Society For Africans In Diaspora (SAiD)

Q&A interview with Seth Markle, associate professor of history and international studies.