Anne Lambright, Trinity College Dean and Professor, Receives Award from Modern Language Association of America
Hartford Courant
Trinity College Dean of Academic Affairs and Charles A. Dana Research Professor of Language and Culture Studies Anne Lambright recently received the Modern Language Association of America’s 26th annual Katherine Singer Kovacs Prize. The award – which honors an outstanding book published in English or Spanish in the field of Latin American and Spanish literatures and cultures – was presented in recognition of Lambright’s book, Andean Truths: Transitional Justice, Ethnicity, and Cultural Production in Post-Shining Path Peru, published by Liverpool University Press. Seventeen awards were presented on January 7 during the MLA’s annual convention, held in Philadelphia.
The selection committee’s citation for Lambright’s book reads, “Anne Lambright offers a versatile analysis and discussion on the role of literary works, films, theater, and performance in a nation engaging critical and intellectual dialogues on memory, trauma, gender, ethnicity, and political history in Andean Truths: Transitional Justice, Ethnicity, and Cultural Production in Post-Shining Path Peru. Lambright creatively brings together approaches from trauma theory; literary, film, and performance studies; transitional justice; and human rights debates, with a keen attention to the historical and sociocultural context of Peru. Original and broadly interpretive, this book is an excellent study of the complex relations among art, literature, politics, and society.”…

Columbus needs Somali cops, better assimilation, scholar says
The Columbus Dispatch
“If Columbus leaders want to better integrate local Somalis, one way would be to recruit more of them into law enforcement.
“It’s one of those missed opportunities,” said Stefanie Chambers, an associate professor of political science at Trinity College in Connecticut. She talked to local Somali leaders and residents for a book she wrote comparing life for Somalis in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, home to the largest community of Somalis in the country, to that of Columbus, with the second largest Somali population.
Chambers’ book, Somalis in the Twin Cities and Columbus, is to be published in March.
Chambers, a former Ohio State graduate student, said in a recent phone interview that some of Columbus’ Somalis told her that things were better for the community in Minnesota than here.
“Is it really better in the Twin Cities?” she said.
She concluded in her book that the overall incorporation of Somalis into the community is higher in the Twin Cities than here, and some of that is attributable to what she called “the unique and political and cultural traditions in the Twin Cities.”…

The Countdown To 45: A Preview Of Inauguration Day 2017 [Podcast]
“Where We Live” – WNPR [Connecticut public radio]
The inauguration of Republican President-elect Donald Trump — many will attend; some will boycott; will you be watching?
This hour, we preview the day’s events with a team of reporters and political experts, and we want to hear from you.
What’s on your mind this Inauguration Day? Are you looking forward to a Trump presidency? If not, what’s your plan of action for these next four years?
Renny Fulco – Associate Professor and Director of the Public Policy and Law Program at Trinity College
•Chris Murphy – U.S. Senator for Connecticut…

The Sport Industry Access Podcast – Be Inspired – With Ed Bowers [Podcast]
What attitude do you need to be a sports coach? This week, it’s my pleasure to introduce Anne Parmenter, the Head Field Hockey Coach at Trinity College, in the USA. With over 25 years of experience in hockey coaching, Anne has taken Trinity to the NESCAC Championship Tournament for the 10th year in a row. Also, in 2014 Anne was the National Field Hockey Coaches Association (NFHCA) Regional Coach of the Year! Thinking about pursuing a career in coaching? Have a listen and receive valuable career tips…

President Trump to pick a Supreme Court judge [Includes video]
On Tuesday night, President Donald Trump will nominate one of two federal judges to the Supreme Court. People in Connecticut have been preparing for a conservative choice, and are re-affirming their commitment to a woman’s right to choose. Some say we should be paying close attention, not only to what’s happening right now, but down the road…
…President Trump’s two finalists for the Supreme Court are Colorado-based Neil Gorsuch, and Pennsylvania-based Thomas Hardiman. “This would take us back to where we were before (Antonin) Scalia died,” said Kevin McMahon, a political science professor at Trinity College. He said both are conservatives who will replace Scalia, who died suddenly last February. The Supreme Court is now split.
McMahon says while this appointment will tilt the court, the make-up of the court could change significantly. Liberal leaning justice Ginsberg is 83, Bryer is 78, and Kennedy is 80. President Trump may be able to make another choice to the highest court. “If one of those justices retires, you would see a dramatic change for a generation,” McMahon said. Ten democratic senators are up for re-election in 2018. Districts Trump did well in, if many do not win re-election, it will be harder for democrats to challenge a Trump nomination. ”