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Tim Hawkinson books

Their are two books which I am currently looking into at this moment that at the time of posting I have yet to read into and cannot say much on. Both are simply called “Tim Hawkinson”, one is written by Lawrence Rinder, while the other is by Timothy Nye. Continue Reading

Tim Hakinson on artsy

The Tim Hawkinson section on the website artsy is interesting for the sole reason that it has some of the works of his posted up on their are for sale, and are so far the only Tim Hawkinson pieces on the internet for sale. which in of itself makes it interesting to see how much… Continue Reading

Tim Hawkinson galleries

The following three sites are from gallery websites that each have a different selection of works created by Tim Hawkinson. With these I would look at how some of the pieces are influenced by raw emotions and how the abstract figures he usually creates reflects that. 1.Ace gallery 2.Blum and Poe 3.Pace Gallery Continue Reading

My focus on Tim Hawkinson (video)

For my research paper, I have decided to focus on the piece “Emoter” by the artist Tim Hawkinson. The piece itself is individual pieces of the face, such as the mouth, nose, separate eyes and eyebrows that are connected by motors that move the separate pieces and shape the collective face into different emotions. I… Continue Reading

The best Tim Hawkinson sites

1. Gallery of images: 2. Art21 Website: 3. Another Gallery: 4. Buy some Tim Hawkinson srt: 5. Continue Reading

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