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How do I start using the Bloomberg terminals?

Welcome to the Financial Research and Technology Center at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut! To use the Bloomberg terminal, you must first create a login name and password, and note that this username and password is not the same as your Trinity credentials. During the 2021-2022 semester, this can be done remotely or in-person at one of the terminals in LITC A02. After you create a login, it is recommended you work through the Bloomberg For Education Getting Started manual to learn the basics of Bloomberg. Read More

I just created a login. What next?

Just getting started on using Bloomberg? Want some guidance on how to use the system? Then work through this recently-published guide from Bloomberg that describes the functionality of the keyboard and panels, and gets you started on analyzing securities.

Bloomberg For Education Sept 2018

Can I access Bloomberg Professional on my personal computer?

During the 2021-2022 academic year, you can access one of our 12 Bloomberg terminals remotely. Follow these instructions if you are an existing terminal user. If you have never created a Bloomberg login, go here.

How can I use Bloomberg as a student?

Make Bloomberg work for you!

Apart from gaining a better understanding of the financial markets, Bloomberg can be used in a variety of different ways that can prove to be useful in your future careers.

Creating a Bloomberg email and adding it to your resume, getting real-time Bloomberg news alerts on your smartphone, and finding valuable contacts like your school alumni – are just one of the few ways in which you can use Bloomberg. The ways in which you could use Bloomberg to your advantage do not end here- see the attached pdf to read about why Bloomberg is one of the best resources to conduct research on your interviewers, analyze industries, prepare for interviews, attract future employees- and more!


Where is the Bloomberg tab in Excel 2019?

Need to use the Bloomberg plugin in Excel, and don’t see the tab? [Note that these instructions are only for the PCs in the Bloomberg lab.] Read More