Where is the Bloomberg tab in Excel 2016?

Need to use the Bloomberg plugin in Excel, and don’t see the tab?

First, try this within Excel:

  • Click the File tab, click Options, and then click the Add-Ins category.
  • In the Manage box at the bottom of the frame, select Excel Add-ins and then click Go.
  • In the Add-Ins box, check the Bloomberg Excel Tools check box, and then click OK.
  • Test the installation by restarting Excel.

If this does not work, try installing the Excel plugin through the previously-installed Bloomberg tools. Go to the Windows Start menu (window icon in bottom left), and open the Bloomberg folder. Click on ‘Install Office Add-ins’ and follow the instructions. Open Excel, and you should see the Bloomberg tab.

Finally, if none of the previous steps work, go to https://www.bloomberg.com/professional/support/software-updates/ and download Bloomberg Office Tools. Double-click the file after it downloads, and follow the installation instructions. Launch Excel again, and you should see the Bloomberg tab.

Any problems, contact Cheryl Cape at cheryl.cape@trincoll.edu.