Welcome to the Financial Research and Technology Center at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut! To use the Bloomberg terminal, you must first create a login name and password, and note that this username and password is not the same as your Trinity credentials. During the 2021-2022 semester, this can be done remotely or in-person at one of the terminals in LITC A02. After you create a login, it is recommended you work through the Bloomberg For Education Getting Started manual to learn the basics of Bloomberg.


Start Bloomberg by double-clicking the Bloomberg icon on the desktop and note it may take some time to load. Once it has opened, click on one of the panels and then press “Enter or Go to begin.”  When logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to create a login name and password by clicking on ‘Create a New Login’ at the bottom of the screen. Follow the screen instructions, using your Trinity College email and note that the login name and password are not case-sensitive. You will need a cell phone for the verification code. Follow these detailed instructions for more information.

Once you have created a login, enter the login name and password in the yellow highlighted boxes and then press GO. Up to four Bloomberg panels or windows appear on your computer desktop with default ‘wake-up’ screens.


Remote students that do not have an existing terminal login can create one through the Bloomberg for Education website.

  1. Go to https://portal.bloombergforeducation.com/register and select the “Signup as a Learner” button.
  2. Enter your contact information, using your trincoll address, and select “Sign Up.” If you use a personal email address you will not be linked to Trinity’s Bloomberg account and will not be able to use the terminals.
  3. Verify your identity with a verification email.
  4. After you have completed these steps, email Cheryl Cape at cheryl.cape@trincoll.edu with the information that your account is waiting to be authorized.
  5. After you receive notification that your account is authorized, go to the Terminal Access tab through the Bloomberg for Education web portal, and follow the account creation wizard to create a Bloomberg login.

After you have created a login, you can access one of Trinity’s Bloomberg terminals remotely