Introducing Bloomberg Market Concepts!

Bloomberg Institute has recently released a comprehensive introduction to the financial markets, entitled Bloomberg Market Concepts. This 8-hour course is self-paced and supplements videos and learning activities with assessment modules. This is the only certification program that is currently available from Bloomberg.

BMCsampleThe course is broken into four sections:

  • Economic Indicators
  • Currencies
  • Fixed Income
  • Equities

Each section discusses key concepts and information about the topic, using over 70 Bloomberg Terminal functions. More information about the course can be found at

Once you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from Bloomberg. In addition, students that complete the BMC course will be added to search listings within Bloomberg used by companies and recruiters for hiring. Follow these BTS Instructions on how to add your profile to the Bloomberg Talent Search.

The course costs $149 if you would like to complete it at home, but is free for Trinity students through the Bloomberg terminals in the FRTC. Just login and enter <BMC> GO to sign up for the course. If you are taking it for free through the terminals, you will need to complete it in the lab. When you sign up, leave the entry blank when asked for a code to track classroom instruction.