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Late Paper Policy

I recognize that we all have very busy schedules and many demands on our limited time. My late paper policy is fairly lenient and designed to give students the ability to best choose how to spend their time.



Assignments will be marked down one third of a grade every day they are late (i.e. 1 – 24 hours late turns a B+ into a B).  If you do not turn in an assignment you get zero points.  If a paper is late two weeks or more you will automatically receive an F (59%). That being said, it is in your interest to turn in all assignments, even if more than two weeks late.


Excused Late Papers

This fairly lenient late policy also means that I do not give extensions, except in case of an extreme medical, family, or personal emergency. If an emergency arises, please provide documentation to the Dean of Students office (medical notes, police reports, obituaries, etc.). The Dean will then inform me whether I should accept the late work or not. Because all assignments are handed out at least two weeks prior to the due date, I believe there is more than enough time to complete each assignment (assuming proper time management). As such, I do not accept “I have a very busy finals schedule,” “I have family coming into town,” “I have a tournament that day,” “I have travel plans that conflict with this deadline,” etc. as valid excuses.


Submitting Late Papers

If your assignment is late, please email me a copy as soon as you finish it. This will serve as a “time stamp” proving the date on which the work was completed. However, you must also print a hard copy of the assignment and place it under my office door to receive a grade. No hardcopy; no grade. Late papers will receive grades only, no feedback or comments on content.

If the late paper is excused, please include a copy of the pertinent email correspondence granting the extension when submitting the hardcopy.