The Town Hall/ City Hall of Hartford


What is a City HAll? What is the purpose of it? Most of community here in Hartford doesn’t know what is the purpose of Town Hall. The City

534 Main St

Hall is one of the most important place for the community  especially for the Hispanic community. This place contain important information regarding your person living like, birth certificate, marriage license, to paying taxes.Also, the City Hall provides assistance to the resident in case of problems they make encounter such weather issues , law enforcement, current events to future events that would happen in the city. One of the challenge that I found during my research is that “The Town Hall” which sometimes is referred as “The City Hall”, has bilingual barriers. The City of Hartford  it is know for high number of Hispanic resident in community that does not speak English. This can become a problem because not lot of people who works in the City Hall are bilingual and often time there is not a person enough person to assist the hispanic community. This problem mention by one of the employees of the community Liaison offices which believe that this is  issues need to be resolve. Communication is the key especially for the hispanic community who want to be inform daily of the thing that occurs in the city and their personal issues to be solved. This place is the house of The Mayor, City Council, Tax Collectors and Town Clerk that each of this contain least one bilingual individual. It really important for the community to understand the purpose of this place and what is there for.  The government of the City Hall are willing to heard your voice and assists to to any issues regarding Hartford for all residents.

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