North American Miami Meeting 2002


The 2002 North American Meeting of the International Society for Ecological Psychology (ISEP)

Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

May 23 – 25, 2002

All information on this notice is current as of May 16, 2002

Directions to Miami University (Words without map downloads)

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Schedule for ISEP 2002 NA Meeting

Thursday: May 23, 2002

3 pm: Informal welcome / registration (People can register either at Tappan Hall or Benton Hall)

. 4 – 6 pm: Inertia Tensor Tutorial (Chris Pagano & Jeff Wagman) (Benton 105/107)

7 pm: Social Event (Uptown??)

Friday: May 24, 2002

8 – 9 am: Welcome / registration/ continental breakfast (Available at both Tappan Hall and Art 100)

9 – 11:30 am: Paper Session I (Open Session ) — Art 100

Collisions: Getting Them Under Control

John M. Flach, Matthew Smith, Terry Stanard, & Scott Dittman

Wright State University


Progress Toward an Ecological Conception of Space and its Perception

Michael T. Turvey

CESPA University of Connecticut


A Case Study in the Ecology of Cognitive Work

Robert R. Hoffman

University of West Florida


12 – 2:00 pm: Lunch / Poster Session I — Shriver Multipurpose Room

3 – 5:30 pm: Paper Session II (VE symposium) — Art 100


Virtual Study of Perception and Action: An Introduction

  1. James Smart, Jr. & Michael A. Riley

Miami University & University of Cincinnati


Interception of Moving Objects on Foot: Making the Open-Field Tackle

Brett Fajen

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Space Perception and Reaching in Virtual Environments

Geoff Bingham

Indiana University


Real Information from Virtual Environments: An Interrogation

Rik Warren

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base


6:30 pm – 8pm: Dinner (Heritage Room, Shriver Center)

8:30 pm – ???: After dinner discussion panel (Harry Heft’s new book, Ecological Psychology in Context) Tappan Lounge [Tony Chemero, Bill Mace, Alex Kirlik, Fred Owens, Harry Heft]

Saturday: May 25, 2002

8 – 9 am: Welcome / registration/ continental breakfast (Tappan Hall / Art 100)

9 – 11:30 am: Paper Session III (Affordance Symposium) Art 100


What is an Affordance? The Answer Depends on Who You Ask

Keith Jones

Kansas State University


Affordances: Four Points of Debate

Claire Michaels

CESPA ΠUniversity of Connecticut


Affordances, Ecological Optics, and the Threat of Reification

Harry Heft

Denison University


Contrasting Definitions of Affordance

Thomas A. Stoffregen

University of Minnesota


12 – 2:00 pm: Lunch / Poster Session II Bell Tower (1/11/02)

3 – 5:30 pm: Paper Session IV (Open topics) Art 100


Visual Information for Controlling Step Length in Running

William P. Berg, & Leonard S. Mark

Miami University


Nonphysical Factors and Auditory Space Perception

Michael K. Russell & Melissa E. Milanak

Washburn University & Bucknell University


Prism Adaptation and Proprioceptive Frames of Reference for Perception & Action

Michael A. Riley

University of Cincinnati


Theoretical Hubris and the Willingness to be Radical: An Open Letter to James J. Gibson

Robert E. Shaw

CESPA University of Connecticut



6 pm until —: Social Event / Departures

Reception at home of Len and Lynn Mark

Sunday: May 26, 2002

8am – 12pm Check Out / Departures (Tappan Hall)

Continental Breakfast (Tappan Hall)

Poster Session I May 24, 2002: Shriver Multipurpose Room (AB)


Handedness Effects in Haptic Perception

Carello, C., Adams, C., Starski, J., Salaman, A., & Wagman, J. B.

CESPA University of Connecticut


Haptic Metamers are a Function of Movement

Carello, C., Shockley, K., Harrison, S., & Turvey, M. T.

CESPA University of Connecticut


Haptic Perception of Relative Phase Variability

Wilson, A., & Bingham, G. P.

Indiana University


Visual Guidance Improves Tangible Picture Perception

Heller, M. A.

Eastern Illinois University


The Effects of Direction and Magnitude of Optically Induced Proprioceptive Shift on Interlimb Rhythmic Coordination

Black, D. P., & Riley, M. A.

University of Cincinnati


Enhanced Postural Stability in Individuals with Balance Training

Schmit, J. M., Rejacques, D. I., & Riley, M. A.

University of Cincinnati


Development of an Auditory User-Interface Library for the Voice Web: Can the Ecological Perspective Provide a Framework for Identifying Auditory Affordances that Guide Action?

Moritz, R.

Sprint PCS


Coordinating Movements Used in Reaching

Mark, L. S., Humphrey, A., Siefried, M., & Smart, L. J.

Miami University


Adapting to Changes in Reaching Capabilities

Humphrey, A., Mark, L. S., & Smart, L. J.

Miami University


Poster Session II May 25, 2002: Bell Tower


Perceiving Size in Virtual Displays

Richardson, A., Mark, L. S., Dainoff, M. J., Smart, L. J., & Otten, E. W.

Miami University


The Fragile appliance: Computer Technology in Daily Use

Dainoff, M. J., & Davis, N. C.

Miami University


Application of Human Factors to an Industrial Process

Davis, N. C., & Dainoff, M. J.

Miami University


Single Person to Inter-Person Affordances in Lifting Objects

Kerry L. Marsh, Michael J. Richardson, & Reuben M. Baron

CESPA University of Connecticut


The Effect of Expectation on Verbal and Reaching Responses to Visually Perceived Egocentric Distances

Pagano, C. C., & Stephenson, A. K.

Clemson University


Postural Control, and Geo and Egocentric referential Perception in a Changing Gravitoinertial Field

Merhi, O. A., Sares, F., Bourdin, C., Blouin, J., & Gauthier, G. M.

University of Minnesota


Coordination in Conversations: Reciprocity of Self-Disclosure and Gossip Among Adolescent Friends

Valenti, S. S., Ross, E., Anderson, M., Schwartz, J., Fields, T., & Biscoti, L.

Hofstra University


Haptic Perception of Small Objects

Hove, P. Tollner, A., Klein, M., Riley, M., & Santana, M.

Universiy of Cincinnati


Task Specific Postural Adaptation

Mobley, B. S., Smart, L. J., Amin, M., Graban, L., Otten, E., Hinton, K.,

& Smith, D.

Miami University


Surface and Visual Constraints on Postural Motion

Smith, D. L., Otten, E. W., Hinton, K., Smart, L. J., Mobley, B., Amin, M., Graban, L., Crompton, K., & Manuel, J.

Miami University


Jay Smart
Department of Psychology, Benton Hall
Miami University
Oxford, OH 45056
(513) 529-1656



*Registration Fee: $100 (includes conference materials, breakfast, lunch, and one dinner (Friday)) due April 1st 2002
*On campus housing (dorm) is available for an additional $80 (for Thursday evening – Sunday morning) due w/ registration fee.
*Rooms have also been reserved at the Marcum Inn/Conference center ($80/night single or double) – Must reserve directly with the Conference center (513) 529-6911; or there are many hotels within driving distance of Miami (Best Western and Hampton Inn are in Oxford)

** Also please indicate if you are planning to attend the Tutorial on Thursday (5/23/02) – at your earliest convenience.

Registration Form — pdf format

Registration Form — Download as MS Word file

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