ICPA 21 Submissions



Call For Submissions

ICPA XXI Cincinnati

July 26-29, 2020 

**The call for submissions will be added to ICPA XXI website soon.  We expect submission links to go live by February 1, 2020.  Use the information below to start preparing your submission.**

The Scientific Committee of the ICPA XXI invites all participants to submit abstracts to be considered for presentation. Submission deadline is March 22nd, no extensions. Authors will be notified of acceptance/rejection of their submission by April, 15th.

The three modes of presentation for this conference will be:

  • Symposium
  • Open Forum
  • Poster Presentation

Please, carefully read instructions for each type of submission below.


Each symposium will be 60 minutes long and should consist of the following:

  • Brief introductory statement by the symposium organizer at the beginning
  • Three to four presentations
  • Question time (after each talk or at end)

The symposium organizer should submit an abstract of the introductory statement and the abstracts of the talks composing the symposium. Introduction and abstracts should have a maximal of 350 words. No references.

Open Forum

Each open forum will include a set of oral presentation. Each will be 10 minutes long with an additional 5 minutes for questions. The corresponding author should submit an abstract of the proposed presentation (maximal of 350 words). No references.


There will be two options for poster submission: a long abstract (if you want it included in the poster book) or a short abstract (if you do not want to have it included in the poster book).

Short abstract submission

The corresponding author should submit an abstract of the proposed presentation (maximal of 350 words). No references.

Long abstract submission

To prepare your long abstract, a template will be available on the ICPA XXI website. Long abstracts should have a maximum of 1600 and will amount to 4 printed pages in the poster book. Word counts exclude the title, authors, and affiliations, but include all other text from the first word of the introduction to the last word of the acknowledgments (or References if there are no Acknowledgements).

The number of words must be reduced if you choose to include tables/figures. If you use tables/figures, subtract 200 words per table/figure from the maximum number of words (1600) to determine the paper length. The Editors reserve the right to edit papers for length if necessary.

Use the table below as a quick guide:


Number of Tables/Figures

Word Count

0 1600
  1 1400
2 1200
3 1000



Please, refer to APA guidelines for table and figure formats. Tables and figures will be sized to fit on approximately half of a poster book page, so plan accordingly (use font sizes that will be visible, do not include tables in landscape layout, etc). All figures must be high resolution and in black/white: Color will NOT be reproduced in the book. Paste tables and figures where they will appear in the text. Paste figures as pdf. Include a caption beneath each figure: type it directly in the Word document rather than included as part of an image. We need to be able to edit the caption if necessary.