ISEP 2014 Program

Paper Schedule

Paper Presentations are 20 minutes in duration (budget 2-4 min at the end for questions). The Morning sessions are themed symposiums.  The Afternoon sessions are open sessions and can be on any topic.


Friday Morning: “Mace-height” scaled Perception and Action: What’s next for Ecological Psychology


  1. Dr. L. James Smart* co-authors: Henry E. Cook, & Eric. M. Littman

“WM”: Studies in behavior adaptation to perception-action distortions                                                         

  1. Dr. Geoff Bingham* co-author:  Jing Samantha Pan

Bill Mace:  Stability and Perception                                                                                                     

  1. Dr. Rik Warren

The ecological context of perception

  1. Dr. Michael Turvey

Mace’s (1977) admirable admonition: “Ask not what’s inside your head but what your head’s inside of.”

  1. Dr. William Mace


Friday Afternoon: Open Session I

  1. Dr. Kurt Hugenberg*, Shane Pitts, & John Paul Wilson

When one is rejected, others loom: Social rejection makes others appear closer

  1. Dr. Alen Hajnal*, Wagman, J. B., Bunch, D. A., & Doyon, J. K.

Do geographical slants feel steeper than they look?

  1. Drew H. Abney* & Jeffrey B. Wagman

An information-space analysis of perception of object length by sound

  1. Ashley Walton*, Michael J. Richardson, & Anthony Chemero

Self-organization and semiosis in jazz improvisation

  1. Anastasia Jinks*, Luis Favela, & Anthony Chemero

Getting a grip on extended cognition

  1. Henry Cook IV*, J. A. Hassebrock, & L. James Smart

People perceiving fractals

Saturday Morning: Exploring the Complexities of Len Marks’s Affordances: Evolution of the Concept

  1. Dr. Jeff Wagman

Len Mark’s Research on Affordances: A Personal History

  1. Dr. Thomas Stoffregen

Exploring Len Mark’s Affordances

  1. Dr. Claire Michaels


  1. Dr. Marvin Dainoff

Marks’s Mark:  Contributions of Ecological Psychology to Safety

  1. Dr. Len Mark

Exploring what the world affords: Observations from a new grandfather

Saturday Afternoon: Open session II

  1. Charles Coey*, Maurice Lamb, Michael Richardson, & Anthony Chemero

Ecological information in thermodynamic context: A robotic model

  1. Drew H. Abney*, Chris T. Kello, & Bryan Elvis Kerster

Multiscale spatial distributions of eye fixations decouple over time

  1. Ashley Walton*, Joubert Lucas, Michael Riley, & Michael Richardson

Behavioral dynamics of joint-action and social movement coordination

  1. Auriel Washburn* & Michael J. Richardson

Harmony from chaos: Examining aperiodic visual-motor and interpersonal coordination

  1. MaryLauren Malone* & Michael J. Richardson

Coordination in conversation:  Investigating social interaction from the behavioral dynamics perspective

  1. Dr. Robert Shaw*

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