Article Index for Ecological Psychology Volume 11 (1999)


Action and intermodal information influence the perception of orientation
F. Fouque, B. Bardy, T. Stoffregen & R. Bootsma

What swimming says about reading: Coordination, context, and homophone errors
G. Van Orden, J. Holden, M. Podgornik, and C. Aitchison

Prosody during disyllable production of full term and preterm infants
E. C. Goldfield


Dynamic encounters: Long-memory during functional stabilization
P. J. Treffner and J. A. S. Kelso

Adult Understanding of Spontaneous Attention Directing Events: What Does Gesture Contribute?
C. L. Schmidt

Auditory perception of unimpeded passage
M. K. Russell and M. T. Turvey


An evaluation of context effects in dynamic touch
C. Carello, I. Flascher, A. Kunkler – Peck, and M. T. Turvey

The coordination dynamics of abdomen and chest during infant breathing: A comparison of full term and preterm infants at 38 weeks postconceptual age
E. Goldfield, R. C. Schmidt, and P. Fitzpatrick

Eye movements and a rule for perceiving direction of heading
N. – G. Kim and M. T. Turvey


Perception of a stepping-across affordance
Cornus, S., Montagne, G. & Laurent, M.

Further evidence of perceptual independence (specificity) in dynamic touch.
Cooper, M., Carello, C. & Turvey, M. T.

Perceiving whole and partial extents of small objects by dynamic touch.
Santana, M-V. & Carello, C.