Article Index for Ecological Psychology Volume 9 (1997)


Intermodal calibration of the body in early infancy.
Rachel Morgan & Philppe Rochat

Stimulus – response compatibility is information – action compatibility.
John Stins & Claire Michaels

Evolutionary theory developing: The problem(s) with Darwin’s Dangerous Idea. [An essay book review]
Rod Swenson


An ontology of affordances.
John T. Sanders


Spoon handling in 2 to 4 years old children
Steenbergen, B. , van der Kamp, J., Smitsman, A. W. & Carson, R. G.

On acoustic information for motion
Jenison, R.

Further Cross-National Studies of Tree Form Preference
Sommer, R.

Filming the world: An essay review of “The reality of illusion,” by Joseph D. Anderson
Stoffregen, T.


In Memoriam: Edward S. Reed.
Mace, W. M.

Evaluating the dynamics of unintended interpersonal coordination.
Schmidt, R. C. And O’Brien, B.

Active versus passive processing of spatial information in a computer simulated environment.
Wilson, P. N., Foreman, N., Gillet, R. & Stanton, D.


Nonlinear dynamics from a physical point of view
Iberall, A. S.


The effects of volume on perceived heaviness by dynamic touch: With and without vision.
Amazeen, E. L.

Time – to – contact: More than tau alone.
Hancock, P. A. & Manser, M. P.

Contact and posture in nonvisual judgment of gap crossability.
Burton, G. & McGowan, J.

Perceiving distances of nearby sound sources: An investigation of Marler’s canonical features of “Locatable” sounds.
Russell, M. K.