Article Index for Ecological Psychology Volume 8 (1996)


Auditory Reachability: An Affordance Approach to the Perception of Sound Source Distance
Lawrence D. Rosenblum, A. Paige Wuestefeld, and Krista L. Anderson

A Parallel Between Visual and Haptic Perception of Size at a Distance
Steven R. Garrett, Dragana Barac-Cikoja, Claudia Carello, and M. T. Turvey

Is Limb Proprioception a Function of the Limbs’ Inertial Eigenvectors?
Christopher C. Pagano, Steven R. Garrett, and M. T. Turvey

The Influence of Approach Angle on Estimates of Time-to Collision
M. P. Manser and P. A. Hancock



Situating Action 1: Truth in the Situation
Alan Costall and Ivan Leudar

Situating Action II: Affordance for Interaction: The Social is Material for Design
William W. Gaver

Situating Action III: Acting, Dwelling, and Squatting: An Ecological Approach to the Relation Between Person and Urban Environment
Gustavo Ribeiro

Situating Action IV: Planning as Situated Action
Ivan Leudar and Alan Costall

Situating Action V: The History and Evolution of Bodily Skills
Tim Ingold


Situating Action VI: A Comment on the Distinction Between the Material and the Social
Tim Ingold


Development of Visual Self-Recognition in Infancy
Lorraine E. Bahrick, Lisa Moss, and Christine Fadil

Development of Visually Guided Locomotion: Barrier Crossing by Toddlers
Mark A. Schmuckler

Haptically Perceiving the Length of One Rod by Means of Another
Andrew J. Peck, Robert G. Jeffers, Claudia Carello, and Michael T. Turvey

To Cross or Not to Cross: The Effect of Locomotion on Street – Crossing Behavior
Raôul R. D. Oudejans, Claire F. Michaels, Bertina van Dort, and Erik J. P. Frissen

Commentary Evidence for Direct Perception From Cognition in the Wild
Kim J. Vicente and Catherine M. Burns


Fitts’s Law: Nonlinear Dynamics and Positive Entropy
John M. Flach, Mark A. Guisinger, and Amy B. Robison

Crossnational Rankings of Tree Shape
Robert Sommer and Joshua Summit

The Shape of Things to Come: Effects of Object Shape and Rotation on the Pick-up of Local Tau
Mark A. Scott, François-Xavier Li, and Keith Davids


Toward an Ecological Approach to Perceptual Learning and Development: Commentary on Michaels and Beek
Marion A. Eppler and Karen E. Adolph