Article Index for Ecological Psychology Volume 7 (1995)


Acquisition of Spatial Knowledge Through Visual Exploration of Simulated Environments
Patrick Péruch, Jean-Louis Vercher, and Gabriel Gauthier

Navigating in a Virtual Environment With Map-Acquired Knowledge: Encoding and Alignment Effects
Mark May, Patrick Péruch, and Alain Savoyant

A Physical (Homeokinetic) Foundation for the Gibsonian Theory of Perception and Action
Arthur S. Iberall


Giving Meaning to Movement: A Developmental Study
Valerie Bolivar and John Barresi

Task Constraints and Functional Motor Performance of Individuals With and Without Multiple Sclerosis
Virgil Mathiowetz and Michael G. Wade

Effect of Frequency Ratio and Environmental Information on Spatial Coupling: A Study of Attention
Tin-cheung Chan and Kit-ling Chan


Perceiving the Objective and the Experience of Other-Produced Invariance: A Reply to Natsoulas
David A. Givner


An Experimental Evaluation of Sensory Conflict Versus Postural Control Theories of Motion Sickness
Lawrence Warwick-Evans and Stephen Beaumont

Human Echolation As a Basic Form of Perception and Action
Thomas A. Stoffregen and John B. Pittenger

Perceiving Persistence Under Change and Over Structure
Nam-Gyoon Kim, Judith A. Effken, and Robert E. Shaw


The Third European Workshop on Ecological Psychology: The Keynote Lectures
Rainer Guski and Wolf-D. Heine

Keynote Presentation I

The State of Ecological Psychology
Claire Michaels and Peter Beek

Commentary on Keynote Presentation I

Information Through Action: Comments on Michaels and Beek
Ad W. Smitsman

The Maizena Argument: A Reaction
Onno G. Meijer and Rob Bongaardt

Keynote Presentation II

Recent Developments and Problems in Human Movement Science and Their Conceptual Implications
Gregor Schöner

Commentaries on Keynote Presentation II

Comments on Schöner
Daniela Corbetta and Esther Thelen

Is Servo-Theory the Language of Human Postural Control?
John J. Jeka

Keynote Presentation III

Industrial Design Engineering and the Theory of Direct Perception and Action
Gerda Smets

Commentaries on Keynote Presentation III

Affordances and the Practice of Industrial Design Engineering: Comments on Smets’s Presentation
Ad W. Smitsman

Perception and Aesthetic Appreciation: Does the Answer Lie in the Structure of the Stimulus or the Structure of Action?
Patrick R. Green