Article Index for Ecological Psychology Volume 6 (1994)


Coordination and Control in the Bow Arm Movements of Highly Skilled Cellists 1
Helga Winold, Esther Thelen, and Beverly D. Ulrich

Visual Perception of Support-Surface Deformability From Human Body Kinematics 33
Thomas A. Stoffregen and Steven B. Flynn

A Pragmatic Conception of Basic and Applied Research: Commentary on Hoffman and Deffenbacher (1993) 65
Kim J. Vicente


The Perception of Arrival Time for Different Oncoming Vehicles at an Intersection 83
J. K. Caird and P. A. Hancock

The Development of Infants’ Sensitivity to Arbitrary Intermodal Relations 111
Lorraine E. Bahrick


Alternative Schemes for the Analysis of Basic Versus Applied Science: Beauty Is Still in the Eye of the Beholder 125
Robert R. Hoffman and Kenneth A. Deffenbacher

Basic Versus Applied Research in Cognitive Science: A View From Industry 131
Edward L. Cochran

Against a Recent Account of Perceptual Experience Proposed to Complement Gibson’s Theory of Perceiving 137
Thomas Natsoulas


Effects of Social and Physical Variables on Between-Person Visual Coordination 159
R. C. Schmidt, Nicole Christlanson, Claudia Carello, and Reuben Baron

The Perception of Relative Mass in Physical Collisions 185
Steven B. Flynn

Mouthing and Grasping of Objects by Young Infants 205
Valerie A. Whyte, P. Vernon McDonald, Renee Baillargeon, and K. M. Newell

Monocular Egocentric Distance Information Generated by Head Movement 219
Geoffrey P. Bingham and Michael G. Stassen


Phasing and the Pickup of Optical Information in Cascade Juggling 239
A. A. M. van Santvoord and Peter Beek

Haptic and Visual Perception of an Affordance for Upright Posture 265
Paula Fitzpatrick, Claudia Carello, R. C. Schmidt, and David Corey

Cloudy Skies: Information for Perception of Objects Near Horizons 289
Alan M. Hartman

Heideggerian Meditations on an Alternative Ontology for Ecological Psychology: A Response to Turvey’s (1992) Proposal 297
Endre Kadar and ]udith Effken