Article Index for Ecological Psychology Volume 5 (1993)


What in the World Do We Hear?: An Ecological Approach to Auditory Event Perception
William W. Gaver

Scaling ]udgments of Lifted Weight: Lifter Size and the Role of the Standard
Geoffrey P. Bingham

Where’s the Camera?
Margaret A. Hagen and Robert Giorgi

Activity Versus Reactivity in Psychology and Neurophysiology
Yu. Alexandrov and Timo Jarvilehto


Non-Neural Extensions of Haptic Sensitivity
Gregory Burton

Perceiving by Dynamic Touch the Distances Reachable With Irregular Objects
Christopher C. Pagano and M. T. Turvey


Behavioral Relics and Animal-Environment Mutualism: Commentary on Coss (1991)
Gregory Burton

Evolutionary Persistence of Ground Squirrel Antisnake Behavior: Reflections on Burton’s Commentary
Richard G. Coss


Exploration of the Detectable Structure of Social Episodes: The Parsing of Interaction Specimens
G. P. Ginsburg and David Lawson Smith

The Implications of Ocular Occlusion
Geoffrey P. Bingham

A Methodological Note on Overestimates of Reaching Distance: Distinguishing Between Perceptual and Analytical Judgments
Harry Heft


Structure, Motion, and Preschoolers’ Perceptions of Social Causality
Diane S. Berry and Ken Springer

How Do We Hear in the World?: Explorations in Ecological Acoustics
William W. Gaver

An Analysis of the Relations Between Basic and Applied Psychology
Robert R. Hoffman and Kenneth A. Deffenbacher