Article Index for Ecological Psychology Volume 4 (1992)


The Effects of Anxiety on Perceiving the Reachability of Passing Objects
Reinoud J. Bootsma, Frank C. Bakker, F. (Erik) J. van Snippenberg, and Clyde W. Tdlohreg

Perceiving Whether or Not the World Affords Stepping Onto and Over: A Developmental Study
Peter B. Pufall and Christine Dunbar

Does Intention Have a Characteristic Fast Time Scale?
Arthur S. Iberall


Autonomous and Nonautonomous Dynamics of Coordinated Rhythmic Movements
Peter. J. Beek, M. T. Turvey, and R. C. Schmidt

The Experience of Perception and Its Physical Basis as Views of the Relation Between Perceiver and World Perceived
David A. Givner

Wechsler’s Vision: An Essay Review of Computational Vision by Harry Wechsler
Jan J. Koenderink


Visually Based Descriptions of an Everyday Action
Edward S. Reed, Michael Montgomery, Myrna Schwartz, Carolyn Palmer, and John B. Pittenger

Illusions and Knowing What Is Real
John M. Kennedy, Christopher D. Green, Andrea Nicholls, and Chang Hong Liu

Affordances and Prospective Control: An Outline of the Ontology
M. T. Turvey

Acoustic Tau: An Easy Analogue to Visual Tau?
Rainer Guski


The Optics and Actions of Catching Fly Balls: Zeroing Out Optical Acceleration
Claire F. Michaels and Raoul R. D. Oudejans

Perceiving”Walk-on-able” Slopes
J. M. Kinsella-Shaw, Brian Shaw, and M. T. Turvey

Time-to-Topple: Haptic Angular Tau
Patrick A. Cabe and John B. Pittenger

Ecological Perspectives on the New Artificial Intelligence: An Essay Review of Intelligence as Adaptive Behavior: An Experiment in Computational Neuroethology by Randall D. Beer, and Minimalist Mobile Robotics: A Colony-Style Architecture for an Artificial Creature by Jonathan H. Connell
Judith A. Effken and Robert E. Shaw