Author Index for Ecological Psychology Volumes 7 (1995)

The number after a title is the page number.


Barresi, J. – see Bolivar, V. J. Beaumont, S.-see Warwick-Evans, L.
Beek, P.-see Michaels, C.
Bolivar, V. J., & Barresi, J.- Giving Meaning to Movement: A Developmental Study 71

Chan, K.-L.-see Chan, T.-C.
Chan, T.-C., & Chan, K.-L.-Effect of Frequency Ratio and Environmental Information on
Spatial Coupling: A Study of Attention 125

Effken, J. A.-see Kim, N.- G.

Gauthier, G. M.-see Péruch, P.
Guski, R., & Heine, W.- D.-Introduction to the Special Issue: The Third European Workshop
on Ecological Psychology: The Keynote Lectures 257

Heine, W. D.-see Guski, R.

Iberall, A. S.-A Physical (Homeokinetic) Foundation for the Gibsonian Theory of Perception and Action 37

Kim, N.-G., Effken, J. A., & Shaw, R. E.-Perceiving Persistence Under Change and Over Structure 217

Mathiowetz, V., & Wade, M. G.-Task Constraints and Functional Motor Performance of Individuals With and Without Multiple Sclerosis 99
May, M., Péruch, P., & Savoyant, A.-Navigating in a Virtual Environment With Map-Acquired Knowledge: Encoding and Alignment Effects 21
Michaels, C., & Beek, P.-The State of Ecological Psychology 259

Péruch, P., Vercher, J.-L., & Gauthier, G. M.-Acquisition of Spatial Knowledge Through Visual Exploration of Simulated Environments 1
Péruch, P.-see May, M.
Pittenger, J. B.-see Stoffregen, T.A.

Savoyant, A.-see May, M.
Schöner, G.-Recent Developments and Problems in Human Movement Science and Their Conceptual Implications 291
Shaw, R. E.-see Kim, N.-G.
Smets, G.-Industrial Design Engineering and the Theory of Direct Perception and Action 329
Stoffregen, T. A., & Pittenger, J. B.-Human Echolocation As a Basic Form of Perception and Action 181

Vercher, J.-L.-see Péruch, P.

Wade, M. G.-see Mathiowetz, V.
Warwick-Evans, L., & Beaumont, S.-An Experimental Evaluation of Sensory Conflict Versus Postural Control Theories of Motion Sickness


Bongaardt, R.-see Meijer,O.G.
Corbetta D., & Thelen, E.-Commentary on Gregor Schöner’s Presentation 315
Givner, D. A.-Perceiving the Objective and the Experience of Other-Produced Invariance: A Reply to Natsoulas 145
Green, P.-Perception and Aesthetic Appreciation: Does the Answer Lie in the Structure of the Stimulus or the Structure of the Action? 379
Jeka, J.-Is Servo-Theory the Language of Human Postural Control? 321
Meijer, O. G., & Bongaardt, R.-The Maizena Argument: A Reaction
Smitsman, A.-Affordances and the Practice of Industrial Design Engineering: Commentary on Gerda Smets’ Presentation 375
Smitsman, A.-Information Through Action: Comments on Michaels and Beek 279
Thelen, E.-see Corbetta, D.

Index prepared by Greg Burton