Article Index for Ecological Psychology Volume 13 (2001)


Learning as Progressive Biasing of a Random Walk Process: Toward an Ecological Theory of Exploratory Learning.
Judith Effken and Endre E. Kadar

Dodging a Ball Approaching on a Collision Path: Effects of Eccentricity and Velocity
François-Xavier Li and Michel Laurent

The Process of Adaptation to Perceiving New Action Capabilities
Naoya Hirose and Arata Nishio


Eye Movements and the Selection of Optical Information for Catching
Eric L. Amazeen, Polemnia G. Amazeen, and Peter J. Beek

An adaptive bias in the perception of looming auditory motion.
John Neuhoff

What We Perceive When We Perceive Affordances: Commentary on Michaels (2000) “Information, Perception, and Action”
Anthony Chemero

The Relationship Between Perception and Action: What Should Neuroscience Learn From Psychology?
Patrick R. Green

About Hens and Eggs — Perception and Action, Ecology and Neuroscience: A Reply to Michaels (2000)
Boris Kotchoubey

Ecological Psychology and the Two Visual Systems: Not to Worry!
Joel Norman

On Revising Assumptions
John Pickering

Perception and Action Are Inseparable
Jeroen B. Smeets and Eli Brenner

The Separation of Action and Perception and the Issue of Affordances
John van der Kamp, Geert J. P. Savelsbergh, and Karl S. Rosengren


Affordances and Inertial Constraints on Tool Use
Jeffrey B. Wagman and Claudia Carello

Comparing Verbal and Reaching Responses to Visually Perceived Egocentric Distances
Christopher C. Pagano, Richard P. Grutzmacher, and Joseph C. Jenkins

Information, Perception, and Action: A Reply to Commentators
Claire F. Michaels, Rob Withagen, David M. Jacobs, Frank T. J. M. Zaal, and Raoul Bongers


How Do Task Characteristics Affect the Transitions Between Seated and Standing Reaches?
Douglas L. Gardner, Leonard S. Mark, John A. Ward, and Heather Edkins

Processes, Acts, and Experiences: Three Stances on the Problem of Intentionality
Robert Shaw

The Physics, Chemical Physics, and Biological Physics of the Origin of Life on Earth
Arthur S. Iberall